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Early Tornado Season

Published by Norm Garrett in Tornados · 21/2/2014 11:17:30
Tags: tornado

I guess it will be an early-starting tornado season this year.  Last evening we had a tornado warning for about an hour.  We ended up dodging the bullet here, but weather spotters were out and we had one period of about 5 minutes where the rain rate on the gauge was registering a hefty 6.5 inches of rain per hour!

We didn't get the hail, but had 50-60 mph winds.  Our wind gauge always registers low, as it is only mounted 8 feet up instead of the required 30 feet, and has a little wind blockage from the north with some trees nearby.  The wind gauge, even where it is placed, was registering 35-40 mph.  It was quite a night, and right around sunset where we couldn't really assess any damage until this morning (we didn't have any ... all trees on the property seem to be intact).

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Published by Norm Garrett in General · 15/2/2014 07:52:22
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View from our front porch during a recent blizzard
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