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Weather Station Software

Station Equipment

Ambient Weather Virtual Weather Station Internet Edition, V. 14.01

The primary software in use at this weather station is Ambient Weather's Virtual Weather Station (Internet Edition).  This software collects data from the station console every 2 minutes.  It features web page design options and automatically generates the web page that contains the current weather information for the station.  Archival data is stored in a larger database every 30 minutes, giving long-term access to data on the half-hour.  This software is available from Ambient Weather's website and works on a variety of weather stations.  

VWS transmits data regularly to several weather services, making our station's data available to a variety of weather venues.

Davis Instruments WeatherLink 6.0.0

This software is specifically designed to operate with the Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station that we use.  We use it in a secondary role to redundantly store station data on the half-hour.  It also has some other reporting capabilities that can be used when analyzing station data.


We use this software, available from Meteorologica, to transmit data to the amateur radio APRS system.  Our amateur station is K9NAG and we transmit this data in connection with our weather spotting activities.


This software package transmits data to our website database every 30 minutes.  That both provides us with a backup of our station data and puts the data in an online database where we can access it programatically for this website.  For example, our Station Historical Extremes page is generated from data in the uploaded database.  We rely on VWsql to do that, and it works flawlessly.  It is designed to be run alongside Ambient Weather's Virtual Weather Station and runs in the background on our weather station desktop computer.  

VWsql is a product of Meteorologica and is available on their website.

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