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Station Historical Data Comparisions

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Important Note:  This station archives data every 30 minutes.  Although the data is produced by the station every 2 minutes, only the data on the half-hour is archived.  Accordingly, historical data is only accurate on half-hour marks.  Sometimes, variations between the archival points will occur, but they are rarely significantly different.  All historical data presented here is from the archives.  Particularly with regard to extremes, it is possible that there were different extremes that occurred between the half-hour archival points.  In those cases, a more accurate view of the extremes may be examined in the NOAA data, which is logged on the 2-minute intervals, but which is not archived.  Rather, a real-time report is derived from the data downloaded directly from the station, but not preserved for a long period of time.  Thus, you may find discrepancies between the data presented on this page and the data found on the NOAA reports page.  Such diffferences, however, will be minor.

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